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The Golden Compass movie: my thoughts.

I must admit that I really, really enjoyed this film. Far from disappointing my vision of what I imagined when I read the book, it supported it, and indeed, at times the scenery was very similar to what I imagine when I read the book. I also found it much more faithful to the book than expected. Some bits were changed around, like the bear battle took place before Bolvangar in the movie, and I’m sure the bear king was called Iofur in the book, but I could be wrong.

-I love the way they portray daemons, especially Pan, and they way he effortlessly changes from cat to mink to moth to bird etc…sometimes some of the daemons were a little too CGI and not as real as I hoped, but it was very high quality CGI. And I suppose it also sets the daemons apart from ordinary animals or pets, especially so for the talking daemons.

-I want an alethiometer in my stocking. I love the way it was depicted. Also, I felt shivers down my spine when I saw the Dust for the first time.

-despite the book being called Northern Lights, I like the fact that the movie is called the Golden Compass, because it means that all three movies are named after the three pivotal objects in their respective stories, with the Subtle Knife and Amber Spyglass to follow.

-I think that the cast was well chosen. The girl who played Lyra sounded a little spoilt at times, like a naughty child, but it fitted the character. I think she has potential. Despite my ideal casting for a dark-haired actress to play Ms Coulter (I was thinking Catherine Zeta Jones), I think the blonde Nicole Kidman plays the role of the icy and sinister woman perfectly. I would have liked to have seen more Daniel Craig, I think he fits the role of Asriel perfectly. I think he will be seen more in the Amber Spyglass.

-I loved picking out little details, like the anbaric energy…it is electricity, but in a totally different form to the electricity in our world. I also liked the addition of the Gherkin building in the alternative London skyline, I thought that was a fun touch.

-I like the way the Gyptians were portrayed as a kind of cross between gypsies and pirates, and I really liked Iorek and Lee Scoresby (even though my dad didn’t get why there was a cowboy in the movie). Though I was hoping for more of the witches in the film.

-I was struck by how almost identical the portrayal of Bolvangar in the movie was to how I imagined it! I mean, it was almost exactly how I had dreamt it up when I read the book!

-there was one thing that disappointed me a lot though…the ending. Where’s the big opening of the auroras? The breaching of the boundaries between worlds? I swear that bit was hinted at in the trailers-a scene of Asriel tearing up the Northern Lights. And I was looking forward to that because it’s so important to what happens next but…it didn’t happen. I really hope it happens in the next film. I also wish the movie were a bit longer-I felt it was over too soon.

So overall, I was very pleased with the movie adaptation of one of my favourite books ever. Now I cannot wait for the Subtle Knife and the Amber Spyglass. I have high hopes for SK, I can’t wait to see how Cittagaze is portrayed, and the Spectres, the angels, and the cutting between parallel universes (I already have such strong images in my head for these) and Will and Lyra’s relationship, and also to see how different in feel it will be to GC considering that much of the action takes place in this world. Don’t get me started on AS-that is going to be so epic…and very challenging to make as a movie, both in terms of the complex and original imagery and the incredibly deep, fundamental themes in that book.

It’s a shame my dad didn’t enjoy the movie at all, that kind of spoilt it…

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