iSis (miss_isis_uk) wrote,

Very sad news.

I was going to write about my wonderful time at the Tut exhibition, but today I got a phonecall, saying that my uncle has passed away.

I think he died from a blood clot in the brain, can't remember the details but he was paralysed and they thought he would actually recover but he didn't. It's all happened so suddenly and I was very shocked by it. I had not seen my uncle for years, and I know he was such a great man who would always be remembered for his musical talent. I will miss him greatly.
I'm very saddened, of course-having two of my relatives pass away this year. But at least my uncle is now in a better place-I would have been just as sad if he was permanently paralysed. So maybe it is best for him.
Earlier on, just before I got the phonecall, I saw an unusual sight in the sky. It was an upside down rainbow, but without rain. Strange and beautiful. I'm sure there's a rational explanation for what this was, but just after that I got the call from my mum, and I now wonder if my uncle was smiling on me through that colourful smile-shaped streak in the sky.
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