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Musings and rants on campus life and friendship.

I think I want to move to another flat. I got woken up twice now by drunken laughter and loud chatting in the corridors at 3am. Brings back terrible flashbacks of the first year I was in halls. One person here is inviting loads of other people from all over campus to get pissed and party at 3am when I'm trying to sleep.

I feel like I'm too picky with making friends, but I'm not so keen on my run of flatmates this year. There's one Iranian guy who seems promising, he's the only one who makes the effort to talk to me more than saying 'hello' and he seems genuinely friendly, he studies engineering so I can talk science to him without him nodding off. The others...well, I don't have anything in common with them and I feel like the misfit of the flat.
This sounds really snobbish, but I don't really feel like mixing with people who say 'innit' or 'you get me' 3 times or more in a sentence. I heard them talking about how they teased a girl for not knowing street slang and because she talked 'posh'. They also go clubbing every single night, and get drunk every single night. The way they talk and what they talk and how they behave about just gives the impression that they aren't...I dunno, intelligent enough for me to get on with? That sounds terrible, I know, but they just give off the impression that they're just at uni for the drinking, partying and screwing, which is fun but not what uni is about. Maybe it's because they do business related courses and so have it easier than anyone doing something challenging and scientific like me. But I feel I can't talk to them about stuff I'm interested in, or my course, or anything I like talking about, because they'd laugh at me or go 'wassat mean?' or just plain ignore me. They already ignore me and gang up in huge cliques of drinking loutish mates.
I much preferred my last flatmates-they were a diverse and well-mixed bunch of people-including a guy who was a veggie astrophysics student like me, a girl who was so picky about cleaning the kitchen (a rarity in the world of students), a very nice but slightly shy guy who I really liked who's now gone to do a placement in New York, a few other girls who were nice. This flat isn't as diverse when it comes to gender, what people are studying (everyone except me and the nice Iranian guy is doing business/economics) and interests. I'm just not the sort of girl who can go clubbing every single night. I like the odd tipple but I don't want to spend my whole uni year getting so pissed that I fail my exams. And I wish I knew some people I could talk to about the stuff I'm interested in and not have them look at me as though I'm uncool, weird, or boring.

Today there was some progress-some of the girls one of the flatmates invited in the kitchen did make the effort to talk to me and seemed reasonably friendly. So maybe there is hope. I get the feeling that I don't think I talk much about things like BPAL or my kittens or astronomy or ancient Egypt or science or Dr Who or music that isn't hip-hop or anything like that with them, but at least I can say more than just 'hi' to them.
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