iSis (miss_isis_uk) wrote,

Oh boy that's some good pasta.

I am addicted to a dish I discovered in Sicily-fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil and toasted almonds with pasta-and my mum recreated it for me tonight and it is the best ever. I have eaten too much and now my tummy feels funny (also due to monthly reasons) but damn that was kick-ass pasta.

I wish I wasn't so friend suggest that I get a Facebook account. I'm not sure whether or not to give in to the hype-thing is, other than forums, I'm pretty shy online, just like in real life. Those sorts of social networking sites intimidate me a little. And another there an etiquette to friending people on LJ? I see a lot of blogs out there I want to friend, but can't because I don't really know the person that well (or at all) and I'd feel rude if I friended them without permission. I suppose it depends on the person.

Still have kitties on the brain. And I am not looking forward to Friday at all.

Tags: food, musings
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