iSis (miss_isis_uk) wrote,

2007...what a year it's been.

As 07 draws to a close, I've been thinking back over the year. Overall it wasn't a particularly good one, mainly because three loved ones passed away. The first being my cat, who succumbed to a similar tumour to the one that claimed my other cat's life. She had to go because she was in such pain, but it was very sad when it happened. I still remember her whiskery face and those cute little 'rrrrrou' noises she made when I touched her. Then in June, my aunt passed away when skin cancer claimed her life. I miss her greatly as she was one of the few relatives I had who lives in the UK, and I should have visited/contacted her more often. But at least my memories of her were positive. Then my uncle departed in November. He will be sorely missed too-although I didn't see him much, I remember him as being the musician of the family, a remarkable man who loved me greatly and always thought I had potential, and just last night, he visited my mum in her he is still watching us, it seems.

But there were also some very positive moments in 2007. The maths module that I was having so much trouble with and I kept failing, I retook it yet again this year, and at the final attempt, I passed it! I was overjoyed as I thought I'd never pass, but I did. I must say that the first half of the year was the better half for me, especially in terms of socialising. I had more friends, a group of great flatmates, some lovely and co-operative friends on my course, and a wonderful summer ball in June. The holiday to Sicily was also one of the most memorable parts of the year, I had such a lovely time there, and it was the only time in the year when I had a refreshing change of scenery and visited somewhere new and wonderful. Another of the best moments of 07 was getting new kittens! After many months in a cat-less house, it felt lonely, but it also felt wrong to get cats so soon after the others had passed away. But we waited and when my new kitties came home and the little purring bundles of joy brightened up the house and never failed to cheer me up, that was definitely one of the highlights of the year. The kitties are growing so fast right now and still love sitting on laps as much as before.

Though 2007 wasn't full of really remarkable positive moments especially at the second half of the year when some of my friends drifted away, I couldn't get a job, and I was lumped with the worst flatmates ever, there were still a lot of little happy moments here and there that kept me going...things too numerous to list and seemingly insignificant, but little things make as much of an impact as big ones.
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