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So, what did I get in this year's haul of presents? Mainly clothes and chocolate. Which is all good...I was hoping to get some books, and maybe at least one Egypt-themed item (preferably a book), but no such luck this time. I also was hoping for more money but again, maybe I was wishing too hard for that. The German gingerbread and biscuits I got are delicious though. And the dinner was very filling. Now I'm going to have a nice bath with some Lush bits I got in my stocking.

Not much else to report this Crimbo, it wasn't too eventful and the weather was as un-festive as you can get! The only thing that could have been a bit eventful was a little debate with my mum after she tried to make me go to midnight mass. I didn't want to go, and then we argued a bit about religion and beliefs until she fell asleep and didn't want to hear any more (that was out of booze-induced tiredness, not boredom). Nothing like a little religious debate to make Christmas complete, huh?
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