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Festive thoughts...

Just some random thoughts of all kinds...

Saw the most beautiful sunrise on the day of the solstice. It's not often that I see sunrises since I love my lie-ins, but I just had to get up to observe this sunrise and it was worth it. Makes me appreciate nature even more when I see things. I would have posted a picture but my street isn't exactly very photogenic for pretty sky pics. It may seem odd to some to observe both the winter solstice and Christmas but since both are linked, with Xmas and it's traditions being 99% pagan and derived from solstice celebrations, maybe it isn't so odd? (I often have lots of huge mental debates in my head regarding what I believe and so on, and whether it is 'right' or not. Often late at night when I'm trying to sleep. But maybe what is considered 'right' is relative to the person? That's why I tend to keep what I believe pretty much to myself.)

I have no idea what presents I want this year. I've run out of 'decent' presents that I want, other than money. The other things I want are either unbuyable or way out of my price range. And the stuff I do want, I'm better off choosing it myself. Things like perfume, books, music etc. I actually dread getting perfume and soap for Xmas, because it's usually stuff I don't like. Books are a better bet though. But really I'd rather get a nice wad of cash. And I'm satisfied with all the other expensive stuff I have, like my camera, iPod, computer, phone, etc...I don't feel like I need anything else like that. The only other expensive thing I really want is a trip to Egypt. I suppose I can try begging for that one on my birthday...

I'm not a Scrooge by any means since this time of year always has fond memories for me, but every year I find this time of year more stressful...the damage to the wallet is harder, the preparation for the day more tiring, and so on. I cannot wait to take a nice soothing bath after the Dr Who special on the 25th. I know Christmas is a family day but when I spend it at home, I like taking the evening off for a little bit of unwinding. I have a couple of Lush bombs that will do the trick...maybe a mix of Green Party and Green Bath of Foam...

I also find Boxing Day dinner to be much more delicious than Christmas dinner. This year I'm having cheese souffle. *licks lips* but then again my Xmas dinner is not traditional at all, because of my veggie-ness.

btw I saw that Catwoman movie, and seriously, it really isn't as bad as everyone says. Or at least, I didn't think it was bad. I enjoyed it. Does that say something disturbing about my taste in movies? Or maybe I'm biased, because the movie mentions Teh Bast a lot, and any movie that references ancient Egypt and Egyptian gods in a positive light gets a thumbs up in my book.

Oh and one more thing. I hate the post at this time of year. I refer to it as the 'holidelay' or the 'mailstrom'. I'm still waiting on lots of orders, swaps and forum sales and still nothing. I bet I get a mountain of mail on the day after Boxing Day.

And another thing...not long ago I got my first LJ spam! It was viagra spam too! Ok...I suppose email spam got old, right?
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