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New computer...

So, my mum has a new computer. It's a Mac. And I'm a PC person (so's she, for that matter). I was hoping she'd get an XP computer (apparently XP is back on sale because of the evilness of Vista!) but no, she had to go and get a Mac. it's so different in format to the PC, almost like everything is arranged backwards. Here are some things that bug me about it:
-the mouse is crap and doesn't move where I want it to.
-the lack of right mouse button! How on earth am I supposed to download or save images and stuff from links? (If any Mac-familiar people who read this know, please inform me!)
-the screen is lovely and big, but that means moving the mouse about and lifting it up and putting it back just for moving it from the top to the bottom of the screen.
-Safari is nowhere near as cool as Firefox. I love tabs.
-I can't download attachments on Yahoomail, they don't seem to show up. Even reliable ones from trusted sources.
-yesterday, the computer froze completely.
-there's no easy way of rebooting. The only thing to do is to switch off from the mains when the damn thing crashes.

There are advantages though:
-the DVD player is excellent and the images are spectacularly crisp.
-it looks really cool.
-the net is fast, and wireless
-I can make videos.
-it's nowhere near as bad as my old PC.

In other news, I will be seeing the big Tut show on Saturday. I'll post my review, maybe here or at my special Egyptian-themed LJ.
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