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Scary dreams and strange skies.

I had the most awful dream last night. I won't go into detail because it was so horrible and very personal to me, and I can't believe I dreamt it. It was such that I woke up this morning shaking, it's been a while since I've had a nightmare so disturbing. I'm glad it was just a dream but I have no idea what made my mind imagine such a horrific thought. I would never think such things when awake, so why it comes up when asleep is beyond me.

Anyway, the sky was unusual today. First I saw an odd, bright patch in the sky with slight rainbowish colours. Looked like a second sun, almost. Could be a sun-dog?
I also saw a 'rainbow' right overhead, except the sky was blue and there was no rain. I took a picture of that but my mobile camera isn't so good and the camera only took a picture of blue sky. I think that phenomenon has a name too, but I can't remember it. Some kind of arc, I think.

Then I saw the smoke from that huge fire in Stratford. That was pretty scary-looking and reminded me of what happened last year, when that oil depot exploded and the smoke blackened the sky over London.

The sky in the evening was the reddest I've seen for some time. I've seen impressive sunsets but I this time, the horizon looked so red, like it was aflame. I wonder if the smoke caused that? (Sadly, no pictures.)

I don't think the events are connected though. But still, it's not often I see unusual things happening all at once on a usually mundane Monday...
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