iSis (miss_isis_uk) wrote,

Halloween was cancelled...

I wish i'd gone out to celebrate. I couldn't though, thanks to studies getting in the way-I had to cancel my original party plans (and I was thinking of getting the best costume too!) because of an obligatory visit to the observatory for coursework, but it was worth it (fantastically clear skies and a pumpkin-coloured half moon!) and I took pictures of star clusters. Maybe if I wasn't so tired, I'd go partying afterwards. But I have a test tomorrow which I'm a little bit scared about.

The flatmates are giving me so much grief. I've stuck up a formal-looking notice (ie, it looks like it's from the residential office, not from a student) saying that people should stop talking in corridors in the small hours of the morning and use the kitchen to socialising. But they are ignoring it. Now I have terrible insomnia and have been sleeping during the day, when everyone else here sleeps!

I'm also seriously considering getting a Xmas job, even though I will have some really important exams to revise for. But I need the money, and my mum is being so stingy with her money, very unsupportive in the financial sense. So working hard, for money and studies, for the winter holidays is something I'm considering doing unless I get a nice wad of cash for Xmas...
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