iSis (miss_isis_uk) wrote,

Finally things are looking up.

I think I'm having a run of good luck after the mostly-boring summer. First I get kittens. And then I pass that maths exam that I worked so hard to pass, and now I'm back at uni again. I have yet to meet all my flatmates but I fear that it will be mostly boys again. Here's to hoping that's not the case. I do dread the coursework but it's great being away from my mum's nagging and to meet new friends and see old ones. I also like the structure and routine that being back at uni gives me-I felt lost when I had nothing to do this summer. Being lazy for the holidays gets a little boring after a while. But now I'm back on campus and so far things are looking promising.

I've added more kitten pics to Flickr. The girl kitty has a new name as well. I still can't get over how lovely these little kitties are.
Tags: kitties, studies
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