iSis (miss_isis_uk) wrote,

The patter of tiny paws.

I just have to announce the arrival of two darling new additions to the long awaited new kittens, Serafina and Smurfette. I got them via a shelter from someone who wanted to sell his kittens-and I was not expecting the almost dangerous level of CUTE I saw when I met the kittens. it was so hard choosing two kittens from a litter of six adorable little fluffy bundles of joy. I ended up choosing eventually and I think I chose well-the kitties are so sweet and playful and are always chasing each other and jumping about and just doing the sort of cute kitten stuff that makes me all wobbly inside. Sera is the grown up one with more black than white on her face, and she is also the more mature and and clever kitty, whilst Smurfette is the energetic, playful, mischevious little rogue who has one eye in black fur and the other in white, almost like an eyepatch (mum calls her the little pirate).
I am so pleased to have these wonderful darlings in my life-I haven't been this happy in ages!

I will post pics asap!

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