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That's more like it!

Things are going nicely these days. The best news of all? I may get some new cats next week. I've been looking forward to having a couple of beautiful furry little bundles of joy to look after and love, and I'll be cat-sitting a lot before returning to uni. I can't wait! At the shelter today, I saw a cat with the weirdest meow ever (it went something like 'Meow-eow-ee-rew-reow-wee-rroww!' Maybe not as weird as a cat I saw on holiday that yodelled and said 'why?' when it was angry. I kid you not, it was a bit like the Long Johnson cat!) and a true Bond villain Persian, I saw the most ADORABLE kittens today-a week old, still with their mother, the tiniest, cutest, most gorgeous little things ever. I wanted to take a couple home with me...but I'll have to wait. I probably won't get those kittens because they are too young, but I don't mind. I just want some feline company.

I also won two ebay auctions and there's a BPAL update on the horizon. The rain has stopped and my coursework has been handed in. I got my student loans sorted, and my mum says that she may give me some money to help with uni living (as well as loan payment) so it seems finances will be on the up too. The only obstacle now is my retake exams next week (eep). But right now I'm happy. As I said, who needs Prozac when you can have kittens?
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