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Friday, May 20th, 2011
10:09 pm - Accidental post
Nothing to see here.

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Tuesday, January 1st, 2008
6:10 pm - Obligatory resolutions post...
What goals do I have for 2008 (which are sure to be rapidly broken)?

-revise a lot harder and more thoroughly. Especially for that maths exam coming up!
-procrastinate less. That'll be interesting to see if I can keep that one...
-budget more and think more about my spending and what I do with my money, put more money into savings
-get my creative muse back into gear, if studies don't get in the way
-get a job, get a job, get a job!! Write CVs now so I can get a job in June.
-try my best to socialise more and go to more social events
-update my Facebook more and friend more people
-learn new and useful hobbies, such as cooking, and maybe some others, like learning new languages?
-try my best not to be on the computer/internet too much, there are other things to do...
-stop going to bed so late and try to get up earlier
-do more exercise! I'd love to do bellydancing to tone my tummy in a fun, inspirational way, but there are no local classes. I may start swimming again.
-blog more, especially on my ancient Egypt blog...

I'm sure I have more, but that's all I can think of. My main goals for 08 are to get a job and maybe a boyfriend...or at least a very close male friend. And to save up money for That Holiday to You Know Where. Apparently if I want to go there, I need to pay for it all myself, no help from parents at all.

Anyway, New Year's Eve was a blast. I got so tipsy and was a lot more sociable than usual, even if it was the wine talking...but it was such a great party, one of the most fun NYE do's I've had in a while. Today I just slept it off. I always think of New Year's Day as being a nice lazy day for long lie ins and just a chance to recharge before really getting into gear for the rest of the year. So tomorrow is when I start afresh, starting with revising for that exam and the coursework I still haven't started yet...

Here's to hoping that 08 is a much more promising year than 07!

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Monday, December 31st, 2007
11:36 am - 2007...what a year it's been.
As 07 draws to a close, I've been thinking back over the year. Overall it wasn't a particularly good one, mainly because three loved ones passed away. The first being my cat, who succumbed to a similar tumour to the one that claimed my other cat's life. She had to go because she was in such pain, but it was very sad when it happened. I still remember her whiskery face and those cute little 'rrrrrou' noises she made when I touched her. Then in June, my aunt passed away when skin cancer claimed her life. I miss her greatly as she was one of the few relatives I had who lives in the UK, and I should have visited/contacted her more often. But at least my memories of her were positive. Then my uncle departed in November. He will be sorely missed too-although I didn't see him much, I remember him as being the musician of the family, a remarkable man who loved me greatly and always thought I had potential, and just last night, he visited my mum in her dream...so he is still watching us, it seems.

But there were also some very positive moments in 2007. The maths module that I was having so much trouble with and I kept failing, I retook it yet again this year, and at the final attempt, I passed it! I was overjoyed as I thought I'd never pass, but I did. I must say that the first half of the year was the better half for me, especially in terms of socialising. I had more friends, a group of great flatmates, some lovely and co-operative friends on my course, and a wonderful summer ball in June. The holiday to Sicily was also one of the most memorable parts of the year, I had such a lovely time there, and it was the only time in the year when I had a refreshing change of scenery and visited somewhere new and wonderful. Another of the best moments of 07 was getting new kittens! After many months in a cat-less house, it felt lonely, but it also felt wrong to get cats so soon after the others had passed away. But we waited and when my new kitties came home and the little purring bundles of joy brightened up the house and never failed to cheer me up, that was definitely one of the highlights of the year. The kitties are growing so fast right now and still love sitting on laps as much as before.

Though 2007 wasn't full of really remarkable positive moments especially at the second half of the year when some of my friends drifted away, I couldn't get a job, and I was lumped with the worst flatmates ever, there were still a lot of little happy moments here and there that kept me going...things too numerous to list and seemingly insignificant, but little things make as much of an impact as big ones.

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Tuesday, December 25th, 2007
11:58 pm - Prezzies!
So, what did I get in this year's haul of presents? Mainly clothes and chocolate. Which is all good...I was hoping to get some books, and maybe at least one Egypt-themed item (preferably a book), but no such luck this time. I also was hoping for more money but again, maybe I was wishing too hard for that. The German gingerbread and biscuits I got are delicious though. And the dinner was very filling. Now I'm going to have a nice bath with some Lush bits I got in my stocking.

Not much else to report this Crimbo, it wasn't too eventful and the weather was as un-festive as you can get! The only thing that could have been a bit eventful was a little debate with my mum after she tried to make me go to midnight mass. I didn't want to go, and then we argued a bit about religion and beliefs until she fell asleep and didn't want to hear any more (that was out of booze-induced tiredness, not boredom). Nothing like a little religious debate to make Christmas complete, huh?

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Sunday, December 23rd, 2007
9:54 pm - Festive thoughts...
Just some random thoughts of all kinds...

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Friday, December 14th, 2007
1:43 am - The Golden Compass movie: my thoughts.

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2007
2:32 pm - Very sad news.
I was going to write about my wonderful time at the Tut exhibition, but today I got a phonecall, saying that my uncle has passed away.

I think he died from a blood clot in the brain, can't remember the details but he was paralysed and they thought he would actually recover but he didn't. It's all happened so suddenly and I was very shocked by it. I had not seen my uncle for years, and I know he was such a great man who would always be remembered for his musical talent. I will miss him greatly.
I'm very saddened, of course-having two of my relatives pass away this year. But at least my uncle is now in a better place-I would have been just as sad if he was permanently paralysed. So maybe it is best for him.
Earlier on, just before I got the phonecall, I saw an unusual sight in the sky. It was an upside down rainbow, but without rain. Strange and beautiful. I'm sure there's a rational explanation for what this was, but just after that I got the call from my mum, and I now wonder if my uncle was smiling on me through that colourful smile-shaped streak in the sky.

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Monday, November 19th, 2007
8:42 pm - New computer...
So, my mum has a new computer. It's a Mac. And I'm a PC person (so's she, for that matter). I was hoping she'd get an XP computer (apparently XP is back on sale because of the evilness of Vista!) but no, she had to go and get a Mac. it's so different in format to the PC, almost like everything is arranged backwards. Here are some things that bug me about it:
-the mouse is crap and doesn't move where I want it to.
-the lack of right mouse button! How on earth am I supposed to download or save images and stuff from links? (If any Mac-familiar people who read this know, please inform me!)
-the screen is lovely and big, but that means moving the mouse about and lifting it up and putting it back just for moving it from the top to the bottom of the screen.
-Safari is nowhere near as cool as Firefox. I love tabs.
-I can't download attachments on Yahoomail, they don't seem to show up. Even reliable ones from trusted sources.
-yesterday, the computer froze completely.
-there's no easy way of rebooting. The only thing to do is to switch off from the mains when the damn thing crashes.

There are advantages though:
-the DVD player is excellent and the images are spectacularly crisp.
-it looks really cool.
-the net is fast, and wireless
-I can make videos.
-it's nowhere near as bad as my old PC.

In other news, I will be seeing the big Tut show on Saturday. I'll post my review, maybe here or at my special Egyptian-themed LJ.

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Monday, November 12th, 2007
11:29 pm - Scary dreams and strange skies.
I had the most awful dream last night. I won't go into detail because it was so horrible and very personal to me, and I can't believe I dreamt it. It was such that I woke up this morning shaking, it's been a while since I've had a nightmare so disturbing. I'm glad it was just a dream but I have no idea what made my mind imagine such a horrific thought. I would never think such things when awake, so why it comes up when asleep is beyond me.

Anyway, the sky was unusual today. First I saw an odd, bright patch in the sky with slight rainbowish colours. Looked like a second sun, almost. Could be a sun-dog?
I also saw a 'rainbow' right overhead, except the sky was blue and there was no rain. I took a picture of that but my mobile camera isn't so good and the camera only took a picture of blue sky. I think that phenomenon has a name too, but I can't remember it. Some kind of arc, I think.

Then I saw the smoke from that huge fire in Stratford. That was pretty scary-looking and reminded me of what happened last year, when that oil depot exploded and the smoke blackened the sky over London.

The sky in the evening was the reddest I've seen for some time. I've seen impressive sunsets but I this time, the horizon looked so red, like it was aflame. I wonder if the smoke caused that? (Sadly, no pictures.)

I don't think the events are connected though. But still, it's not often I see unusual things happening all at once on a usually mundane Monday...

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Tuesday, November 6th, 2007
9:24 pm
I've found that the best way of curing those hurtful comments that I've read, been told, or heard, or when destructive criticism or any kind of verbal attack is made on the things or even people I hold dear, however minor, is to discuss them with a friend, make a joke about them, and laugh them off. It's a lot more effective than brooding on the negativity, letting it fester and build up inside before it explodes out of me. Just laughing about the hurtful comments or discussing them humourously banishes dark feelings and everything is better again. There are too many idiots out there who say hurtful things, even if they aren't directed at me at all, and sometimes when I'm feeling moody, such comments get to me. So realising the idiocy of the comment and shrugging it off with a smile, with a friend to help, always helps to stop me feeling down.

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm really looking forward to the Northern Lights movie. I know they call it the Golden Compass, but I refer to it by it's book name because the book is one of my favourites. I'm always worried about seeing book-movie adaptations because of inaccuracy, but if they adapt the story and it still fits the theme, or makes the original plot work better as a movie, that can be a good thing too. Stardust was dramatically different from the book but I actually liked that, it almost felt like an alternative version of the book, how it could have been written. So I have high hopes for TGC. From the trailer at least, it seems that it will be quite faithful to the books, and some of the scenes look almost like how I imagined them when I read the book. I was sceptical about the the HDM series as films, but now I'm really excited about it and it has the potential to be very good.

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Thursday, November 1st, 2007
12:05 am - Halloween was cancelled...
I wish i'd gone out to celebrate. I couldn't though, thanks to studies getting in the way-I had to cancel my original party plans (and I was thinking of getting the best costume too!) because of an obligatory visit to the observatory for coursework, but it was worth it (fantastically clear skies and a pumpkin-coloured half moon!) and I took pictures of star clusters. Maybe if I wasn't so tired, I'd go partying afterwards. But I have a test tomorrow which I'm a little bit scared about.

The flatmates are giving me so much grief. I've stuck up a formal-looking notice (ie, it looks like it's from the residential office, not from a student) saying that people should stop talking in corridors in the small hours of the morning and use the kitchen to socialising. But they are ignoring it. Now I have terrible insomnia and have been sleeping during the day, when everyone else here sleeps!

I'm also seriously considering getting a Xmas job, even though I will have some really important exams to revise for. But I need the money, and my mum is being so stingy with her money, very unsupportive in the financial sense. So working hard, for money and studies, for the winter holidays is something I'm considering doing unless I get a nice wad of cash for Xmas...

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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007
7:25 pm - Musings and rants on campus life and friendship.
I think I want to move to another flat. I got woken up twice now by drunken laughter and loud chatting in the corridors at 3am. Brings back terrible flashbacks of the first year I was in halls. One person here is inviting loads of other people from all over campus to get pissed and party at 3am when I'm trying to sleep.

I feel like I'm too picky with making friends, but I'm not so keen on my run of flatmates this year. There's one Iranian guy who seems promising, he's the only one who makes the effort to talk to me more than saying 'hello' and he seems genuinely friendly, he studies engineering so I can talk science to him without him nodding off. The others...well, I don't have anything in common with them and I feel like the misfit of the flat.
This sounds really snobbish, but I don't really feel like mixing with people who say 'innit' or 'you get me' 3 times or more in a sentence. I heard them talking about how they teased a girl for not knowing street slang and because she talked 'posh'. They also go clubbing every single night, and get drunk every single night. The way they talk and what they talk and how they behave about just gives the impression that they aren't...I dunno, intelligent enough for me to get on with? That sounds terrible, I know, but they just give off the impression that they're just at uni for the drinking, partying and screwing, which is fun but not what uni is about. Maybe it's because they do business related courses and so have it easier than anyone doing something challenging and scientific like me. But I feel I can't talk to them about stuff I'm interested in, or my course, or anything I like talking about, because they'd laugh at me or go 'wassat mean?' or just plain ignore me. They already ignore me and gang up in huge cliques of drinking loutish mates.
I much preferred my last flatmates-they were a diverse and well-mixed bunch of people-including a guy who was a veggie astrophysics student like me, a girl who was so picky about cleaning the kitchen (a rarity in the world of students), a very nice but slightly shy guy who I really liked who's now gone to do a placement in New York, a few other girls who were nice. This flat isn't as diverse when it comes to gender, what people are studying (everyone except me and the nice Iranian guy is doing business/economics) and interests. I'm just not the sort of girl who can go clubbing every single night. I like the odd tipple but I don't want to spend my whole uni year getting so pissed that I fail my exams. And I wish I knew some people I could talk to about the stuff I'm interested in and not have them look at me as though I'm uncool, weird, or boring.

Today there was some progress-some of the girls one of the flatmates invited in the kitchen did make the effort to talk to me and seemed reasonably friendly. So maybe there is hope. I get the feeling that I don't think I talk much about things like BPAL or my kittens or astronomy or ancient Egypt or science or Dr Who or music that isn't hip-hop or anything like that with them, but at least I can say more than just 'hi' to them.

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Tuesday, September 25th, 2007
8:10 pm - Finally things are looking up.
I think I'm having a run of good luck after the mostly-boring summer. First I get kittens. And then I pass that maths exam that I worked so hard to pass, and now I'm back at uni again. I have yet to meet all my flatmates but I fear that it will be mostly boys again. Here's to hoping that's not the case. I do dread the coursework but it's great being away from my mum's nagging and to meet new friends and see old ones. I also like the structure and routine that being back at uni gives me-I felt lost when I had nothing to do this summer. Being lazy for the holidays gets a little boring after a while. But now I'm back on campus and so far things are looking promising.

I've added more kitten pics to Flickr. The girl kitty has a new name as well. I still can't get over how lovely these little kitties are.

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Tuesday, September 11th, 2007
10:53 pm - Pictures of the cuties!

Here are some pics of my new kitties!

Mr M in all his cute glory
I has an eyepatch!

Turns out that one of them's a boy! So the cat formerly known as Serafina is now Mr Mistoffelees. I was going to call the other cat Macavity (love that name) if it was a boy, but it's a girl, so I could still call her Smurfette, but I still like Macavity. I love the idea of alliterative names (and I can call them M&M!) But I'm still undecided for now.

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Sunday, September 9th, 2007
12:21 am - The patter of tiny paws.

I just have to announce the arrival of two darling new additions to the family...my long awaited new kittens, Serafina and Smurfette. I got them via a shelter from someone who wanted to sell his kittens-and I was not expecting the almost dangerous level of CUTE I saw when I met the kittens. it was so hard choosing two kittens from a litter of six adorable little fluffy bundles of joy. I ended up choosing eventually and I think I chose well-the kitties are so sweet and playful and are always chasing each other and jumping about and just doing the sort of cute kitten stuff that makes me all wobbly inside. Sera is the grown up one with more black than white on her face, and she is also the more mature and and clever kitty, whilst Smurfette is the energetic, playful, mischevious little rogue who has one eye in black fur and the other in white, almost like an eyepatch (mum calls her the little pirate).
I am so pleased to have these wonderful darlings in my life-I haven't been this happy in ages!

I will post pics asap!

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Sunday, August 26th, 2007
9:43 pm - Oh boy that's some good pasta.

I am addicted to a dish I discovered in Sicily-fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil and toasted almonds with pasta-and my mum recreated it for me tonight and it is the best ever. I have eaten too much and now my tummy feels funny (also due to monthly reasons) but damn that was kick-ass pasta.

I wish I wasn't so shy...my friend suggest that I get a Facebook account. I'm not sure whether or not to give in to the hype-thing is, other than forums, I'm pretty shy online, just like in real life. Those sorts of social networking sites intimidate me a little. And another thing...is there an etiquette to friending people on LJ? I see a lot of blogs out there I want to friend, but can't because I don't really know the person that well (or at all) and I'd feel rude if I friended them without permission. I suppose it depends on the person.

Still have kitties on the brain. And I am not looking forward to Friday at all.

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Friday, August 24th, 2007
9:24 pm - That's more like it!
Things are going nicely these days. The best news of all? I may get some new cats next week. I've been looking forward to having a couple of beautiful furry little bundles of joy to look after and love, and I'll be cat-sitting a lot before returning to uni. I can't wait! At the shelter today, I saw a cat with the weirdest meow ever (it went something like 'Meow-eow-ee-rew-reow-wee-rroww!' Maybe not as weird as a cat I saw on holiday that yodelled and said 'why?' when it was angry. I kid you not, it was a bit like the Long Johnson cat!) and a true Bond villain Persian, I saw the most ADORABLE kittens today-a week old, still with their mother, the tiniest, cutest, most gorgeous little things ever. I wanted to take a couple home with me...but I'll have to wait. I probably won't get those kittens because they are too young, but I don't mind. I just want some feline company.

I also won two ebay auctions and there's a BPAL update on the horizon. The rain has stopped and my coursework has been handed in. I got my student loans sorted, and my mum says that she may give me some money to help with uni living (as well as loan payment) so it seems finances will be on the up too. The only obstacle now is my retake exams next week (eep). But right now I'm happy. As I said, who needs Prozac when you can have kittens?

current mood: excited

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Monday, August 13th, 2007
7:39 pm
Wow, the Perseids were damn good this year. Ok, it wasn't as good as 2003, when I watched the meteors in public and there was one every 10 seconds (it was also much warmer back then) but what this year's show lacked in frequency it made up for in brightness. I saw some of the brightest meteors ever last night-one of them was bright enough to be seen through a cloud! Proper fireballs, those were, possibly brighter than Venus. Every five minutes or so, there was a bright, spectacular shooting star, some of them were golden-green (unusual!) and like fireworks. Awesome stuff.

I wish I knew of a way to help me revise better...I've run out of practise questions and past papers to do, my coursework's almost done (yay) but I need more to revise with. I also have probably the worst way of revising ever: 15-20 minute bursts of revision followed by quick breaks. It's not practical, because exams don't work like that, but it's the only way I don't get mental blockages.

Despite the lack of a decent summer, I'm looking forward to autumn for several reasons: 1) when I'm back at uni I'll socialise with more people than just my parents, 2) student loan monies! I know I'll need to pay it back and I'll be in debt-ville sooner than I think, but for the time being it's mine...and 3) KITTENS!!! I'm fed up of just chatting with my mum all the time, and only seeing one friend (my other RL friends are either away or don't get in touch for some reason) every now and then. I need contact with people of my age...

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Friday, August 10th, 2007
8:12 pm

I am the Garlic Dalek! And I will EXTERMINATE all with my breath! I've been eating too much of the stinky stuff these days, it should be seeping out of my pores. I'd never make a good vampire. Can't stand the taste of nosebleeds, and I love garlic. I learnt a fantastic new pasta recipe when I was on holiday and it's so simple to make, but so delicious-just fresh tomatoes and basil, and lots of garlic, on pasta. So moreish.

Why are there some days when people just act weird and act creepy around me? Today, someone on my street stalked me-well, he thought I was stalking him when I'm sure he was stalking me. I don't trust many of the young guys in my neighbourhood at all-there are always reports of burglaries and stabbings and asbo behaviour, so this guy really freaked me out when he asked 'why are you following me?' in a really nasty voice, when I wasn't doing that at all-I just happened to bump into him twice as I went out. He wouldn't stop staring at me and I was actually scared at this point. Then I had some old men I didn't know whistle at me and grin at me in the bank and on the street. 

Here's another thing that bugs me...I find people who write 'lol' or 'rofl' in every single goddamn sentence (sometimes more than once) in a forum discussion really annoying. I don't mind lol's used every now and then especially if the discussion is funny, and maybe in a chatroom, but just an ordinary, non-humourous discussion-does every sentence really need a lol? Sort of like 'I'm going on vacation next week, lol! The weather over there looks too hot, lol, but I really can't stand the cold, lol! I hope the kids have no problems but I've been before and it was awesome, lol!' Ok, maybe that's how that person speaks in real life, I'm sure I've had moments like too-but I don't think it's necessary on a forum. Especially if that poster is at least in her late 20s/early 30s? I dunno, but I prefer laughing emoticons on forums. I'm not referring to anyone on the BPAL forum or any of the bath/perfume forums I frequent, but to somewhere I've reduced to merely lurking in-mainly because that lol'ing woman has been snarky to my responses to comments I thought were immature and ridiculous, saying I was narrow minded and boring. 

Anyway, I hope the skies are clear this Sunday night! Anyone into astronomy will know why!

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Thursday, August 9th, 2007
11:47 pm - Edited...another d'oh moment.

It's so annoying when this happens-I was supposed to post on sinandsalvation and it ends up here (ie I clicked on 'post to journal' instead of 'post to community'). Dammit! If you saw a BPAL sales post, don't worry, I'll repost it on S&S tonight.

Why am I so damn scatterbrained these days?

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